As the holy month of Ramadan continues, Muslims worldwide eagerly await the sighting of the new moon each evening to mark the end of their daily fast.

What Time Is Iftar Today in Seattle

Iftar, or the breaking of the fast, is a cherished tradition that brings families and communities together to share a meal after sunset. For those observing Ramadan in Seattle, knowing when Iftar will occur each day is essential for planning their meals and gatherings. 

In this article, we will explore the timings for Iftar in Seattle today, ensuring that individuals can decide when to break their fast and engage in this spiritual practice within their community.

What Time Is Sehri & Iftar Today in Seattle?

I acknowledge your worry about the inconsistent Iftar timings among different mosques in Seattle. It can be perplexing to depend on unreliable websites for information. 

Nonetheless, I regret to inform you that you still need to specify the date you are inquiring about for the Iftar timings. For accurate and current information, it is advisable to contact the mosques or refer to their official websites directly. 

Many mosques have dedicated sections on their websites that publish daily prayer and Iftar timings. You can obtain trustworthy information regarding today’s Iftar time in Seattle by consulting these official sources.

To ensure you have accurate timing and a blessed Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan, it is advisable to cross-check information from various sources or seek guidance from regular attendees of local mosques. Here is a link to the official websites of a few mosques in Seattle.

Hijri Dates  Gregorian Dates Sehri  Iftar 
 1 Ramadan 11/12 March  2024 2:42 4:00
 2 Ramadan 12/13 March  2024
3 Ramadan 13/14 March  2024
4 Ramadan 14/15 March  2024
5 Ramadan 15/16 March  2024
6 Ramadan 16/17 March  2024
7 Ramadan 17/18 March  2024
8 Ramadan 18/19 March  2024
9 Ramadan 19/20 March  2024
10 Ramadan 20/21 March  2024
11 Ramadan 21/22 March  2024
12 Ramadan 22/23 March  2024
13 Ramadan 23/24 March  2024
14 Ramadan 24/25 March  2024
15 Ramadan 25/26 March  2024
16 Ramadan 26/27 March  2024
17 Ramadan 27/28 March  2024
18 Ramadan 28/29 March  2024
19 Ramadan 29/30 March 2024
20 Ramadan 30/ 31 March 2024
21 Ramadan 31 March/ 1 April 2024
22 Ramadan 1/2 April 2024
23Ramadan 2/3 April 2024
24 Ramadan 3/4 April 2024
25 Ramadan 4/5 April 2024
26 Ramadan 5/6 April 2024
27 Ramadan 6/7 April 2024    
28 Ramadan 7/8 April 2024
29 Ramadan 8/ 9 April 2024
30 Ramadan 9/10 April 2024 1:49 4:30

Guide to Fantastic Iftar Buffets In Seattle

If you’re looking to buy good iftar buffets in Seattle, USA, there are several options you can consider. Firstly, you can check out popular halal restaurants that offer iftar buffets during Ramadan. 

Places like Mamnoon, Cedars Restaurant, and Mediterranean Kitchen are known for their delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and may have unique iftar offerings.

Another option is to look for local mosques or Islamic community centers that organize iftar events during Ramadan. 

These events often include a buffet-style meal with a variety of traditional dishes. It’s a great way to enjoy a good iftar, connect with the local Muslim community, and experience the spirit of Ramadan.

Lastly, you can explore online platforms like Yelp or Zomato for reviews and recommendations for iftar buffets in Seattle. 

Many users share their experiences and ratings for different restaurants, which can help you decide where to go.

Overall, by exploring halal restaurants, attending iftar events at mosques or Islamic centers, and checking online platforms for reviews, you’ll be able to find good iftar buffets in Seattle that cater to your taste preferences.

Conclusion Points

Many mosques in Seattle have sections on their websites that provide daily prayer and Iftar timings. It is recommended to cross-check information from multiple sources or seek guidance from regular mosque attendees for accurate timing during Ramadan. 

Here are a few official websites of mosques in Seattle: Masjid al-Taqwa Islamic House at the UW, Almahdi Islamic Center of Seattle, Abubakr Mosque of Washington, and Al-Noor Islamic Center.

By staying informed about the sunset and iftar times, individuals can plan their meals and gatherings accordingly, ensuring a meaningful experience during Ramadan. 

Various resources, such as Islamic calendars, online websites, or local mosques, are available to determine the precise timing. 

So, whether you are a Muslim residing in Seattle or have loved ones practicing Ramadan, stay updated on iftar timings to fully embrace this blessed month of fasting and reflection.


Question – Where can I find the accurate time for Iftar in Seattle?

Answer: You can find accurate Iftar timings in Seattle by checking with local Islamic centers and mosques or using online Ramadan calendars specific to your city.

Question – Can non-Muslims participate in Iftar?

Answer: Yes! Many Muslims welcome non-Muslim friends and neighbors to join them for Iftar meals and experience this unique tradition together.

Question – Are there any specific foods associated with Iftar?

Answer: While there are no strict rules about what to eat during Iftar, dates are traditionally eaten first, followed by a wholesome meal consisting of various foods like soup, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Question – Is it necessary to fast before attending an Iftar event?

Answer: No, fasting is not a requirement for attending an Iftar event. Non-Muslims are not expected to fast during Ramadan but are encouraged to respect those fasting.

Question – Can you recommend any popular places in Seattle to experience an authentic Iftar meal?

Answer: Seattle offers numerous restaurants and community centers hosting special Ramadan events and authentic iftar experiences. Check local listings or ask for suggestions from Muslim friends or colleagues.

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