As the holy month of Ramadan progresses, Muslims in San Diego eagerly look forward to breaking their fast at sunset during Iftar. The daily ritual holds immense significance for the local Muslim community, fostering a sense of unity and spirituality. 

What Time Is Iftar Today in San Diego 2024

However, with the changing time of sunset throughout the month, it becomes essential for individuals to know precisely what time Iftar will be observed each day. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on determining when Iftar takes place in San Diego, allowing you to plan your meals and prayers accordingly during this blessed month.

What Time Is Iftar Today in San Diego?

I understand your concern regarding the inconsistent Iftar timings among various mosques in San Diego. Relying on unreliable websites for information can be confusing. However, you still need to mention the date you are inquiring about for the Iftar timings. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to contact the mosques or refer to their official websites directly.

Several mosques in San Diego have specific sections on their websites where they regularly update the daily prayer and Iftar timings. 

If you want to find reliable information about today’s Iftar time in San Diego, it is recommended to refer to these official sources. 

To ensure that you have the correct timing and a blessed Iftar during Ramadan, it is advisable to verify the information from multiple sources or seek guidance from regular attendees of local mosques. You can find links to the official websites of some mosques in San Diego below.

Hijri Dates  Gregorian Dates Sehri  Iftar 
 1 Ramadan 11/12 March  2024 2:42 4:00
 2 Ramadan 12/13 March  2024
3 Ramadan 13/14 March  2024
4 Ramadan 14/15 March  2024
5 Ramadan 15/16 March  2024
6 Ramadan 16/17 March  2024
7 Ramadan 17/18 March  2024
8 Ramadan 18/19 March  2024
9 Ramadan 19/20 March  2024
10 Ramadan 20/21 March  2024
11 Ramadan 21/22 March  2024
12 Ramadan 22/23 March  2024
13 Ramadan 23/24 March  2024
14 Ramadan 24/25 March  2024
15 Ramadan 25/26 March  2024
16 Ramadan 26/27 March  2024
17 Ramadan 27/28 March  2024
18 Ramadan 28/29 March  2024
19 Ramadan 29/30 March 2024
20 Ramadan 30/ 31 March 2024
21 Ramadan 31 March/ 1 April 2024
22 Ramadan 1/2 April 2024
23Ramadan 2/3 April 2024
24 Ramadan 3/4 April 2024
25 Ramadan 4/5 April 2024
26 Ramadan 5/6 April 2024
27 Ramadan 6/7 April 2024    
28 Ramadan 7/8 April 2024
29 Ramadan 8/ 9 April 2024
30 Ramadan 9/10 April 2024 1:49 4:30

Where can I find an Iftar buffet in San Diego?

There are several places in San Diego where you can find Iftar buffets during Ramadan. One popular option is the Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant, located in Clairemont. 

They offer a diverse menu of Middle Eastern dishes and a special Iftar buffet menu during Ramadan. 

Another great choice is the Royal India restaurant in downtown San Diego. They serve delicious Indian cuisine and an Iftar buffet available during Ramadan.

If you want a more upscale dining experience, check out the Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego. 

They host an annual Ramadan celebration with an extravagant Iftar buffet featuring a variety of international cuisines. 

Some mosques in San Diego also organize community Iftar dinners, so it’s worth reaching out to local Islamic centers for more information on their offerings during Ramadan.

Conclusion Points

To have a successful Iftar during Ramadan, it is recommended to verify timing information from multiple sources or consult local mosque attendees. 

Below are some mosques in San Diego: Masjid Al-Ansar, Masjid An-Nur, Masjidul Taqwa, Masjid Al-Rribat Al-Islami, and Islamic Center of San Diego.

In conclusion, knowing the exact time of Iftar in San Diego is crucial for Muslims observing Ramadan. It allows them to break their fast at the appropriate time and fully immerse themselves in the spiritual experience of this holy month. 

With resources such as online prayer calendars and local Islamic centers, individuals can quickly determine what time Iftar will be each day. By staying informed about the daily sunset times and engaging with the Muslim community, non-Muslims can also better understand and appreciate Ramadan. 

So whether you are fasting or simply curious, check the Iftar time today in San Diego and join in on this beautiful tradition.


Question – Why is Iftar important?

Answer: Iftar holds great significance as it allows Muslims to replenish their bodies after fasting from dawn till sunset and provides an opportunity for communal gatherings and prayers.

Question – When does Iftar take place?

Answer: Iftar occurs at sunset, specifically when the call to prayer (Maghrib) is announced.

Question – How can I find the exact time for Iftar today in San Diego?

Answer: You can check the local prayer timetable or use online resources like Islamic websites or mobile apps that provide accurate prayer times, including Iftar timings for your specific location.

Question – Are there any specific foods traditionally consumed during Iftar?

Answer: While there are no strict guidelines on what food should be consumed during Iftar, dates and water are commonly used to break the fast, followed by various dishes depending on cultural traditions.

Question – Do restaurants in San Diego offer special Iftar menus during Ramadan?

Answer: Some restaurants may offer special iftar menus or buffet options during Ramadan, especially in areas with a significant Muslim population. It’s best to inquire directly with local establishments for more information.

Question – When does the Iftar buffet take place in San Diego?

Answer: The Iftar buffet in San Diego takes place during the holy month of Ramadan, which follows the lunar calendar and varies yearly. Please check our website or contact us for specific dates.

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